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NJ CCW Permit Qualification & Safety Course


The New Jersey CCW Qualification and Safety Course is necessary to send in with your NJ CCW Permit Application. We are here to help you! You will be on a private outdoor range with a Master level marksman and NRA Certified Instructor who will be able to give you tips and information based on years of experience and tactical knowledge. You will be able to schedule the date and time with the instructor to best fit your needs. We are here to help you. Anyone carrying a firearm must be able to demonstrate safe handling and proficient use. We will guide you through the course and give you information on self-defense carry, strategies, and use of force laws in NJ. You must pass the course with a handgun legally registered to you.  This If you are unable to qualify, you will need to pay and take the course again. If you have any questions please reach out to our head Instructor, Kurt 1-(908)-303-4745. He will be able to answer any questions about the course and scheduling.