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What is Taekwondo?
Taekwondo has been in development during the 5000 year long history of Korea, being called by several different names over the course of time.  Taekwondo today shares many similarities with different martial arts styles of countries surrounding Korea, like Japan and China.  Techniques and tactics were assimilated from these countries for increased effectiveness in combat.  Taekwondo is very physically dynamic with active movements that include a vast understanding of kicking and footwork for distance control.  By controlling the distance in a confrontation, the martialist is able to keep themselves safe in order to survive in a physical altercation.  The art of Taekwondo also incorporates blocks, throws, sweeps, and joint locks preparing the body and mind with strategies to adapt and overcome the opponent.  Taekwondo is the unity of mind, body, spirit, and life.  It is the study of the body through discipline of the mind.

We offer Taekwondo classes for kids and adults.

Kids Classes

​Child students are taught traditional disciplined martial art skills, strategies, and philosophy.  The kids will also be instructed in agility drills, flexibility training, and character development which allows the child to build on their techniques. The character development program and philosophy will help guide all students to become a good person. It is very important that the children have fun because they learn the most through games and positive reinforcement.  We also review important life lessons, such as manners and helping others, during these classes.  Parents are offered the opportunity to share the journey of Martial Arts training with their children.  Because our facility has three separate training rooms, we are able to break up classes by belt rank and/or age as appropriate. 

Adult Classes

Adult students are taught traditional disciplined martial arts skills, philosophy, and strategies.  ​These classes are specifically designed to allow adults the opportunity to build a strong body and mind with more advanced training.