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All-Day Training 2023


U. S. Family Martial Arts is offering All-Day Training July 10-14, July 17-21, and August 7-11!  Students will have the opportunity to learn traditional martial arts techniques, philosophy, and discipline.  They will condition their body and mind through difficult training drills and sparring practice with other participants.  Students will be instructed on traditional martial arts weapons techniques and strategies.  Students will be training in the use of a bo, escrima sticks, and katana.  When students have demonstrated proficiency in the katana technique to satisfy the instructors, they will be able to test their technique with a live blade on traditional tatami cutting targets.  All Day Training will be life changing for any students who participate. Training hours will count toward stripes and belt promotions.  Students will be instructed on strategies to maintain a healthy lifestyle, such as good nutrition, hygiene, and manners. Throughout the days, students will learn about the history of Martial Arts!  Students can attend Half Day from 8am-12pm or Full Day from 8am-5pm.  Full Day Students will receive a new uniform for each week they attend!  Prices change after June 1st!  After purchasing, call, email, or complete the form below to let us know which weeks you will be attending!