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Katherine Swinson

Katherine Swinson photo Katherine Swinson

Kat Swinson is an assistant instructor in our Gracie Jiujitsu program, and helps lead our women's self-defense seminars. 

Kat is also a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Kat has studied strength training for 8 years, and specializes in high intensity interval training by using an array of circuit style exercises that burn calories fast by using resistance training in conjunction with aerobic exercise. Kat's personalized training programs are tailored to your fitness level, age, and personal goals to ensure you're getting the best results at a pace that suits you. Before the first session, Kat guides clients through a detailed assessment to ensure each training program addresses an individual's fitness level, flexibility, muscle imbalances, and possible injuries that need to be considered before training.   

In addition to her love for fitness, Kat is also passionate about people, and considers the emotional wellbeing of her clients. A common deterrent for many people when it comes to exercising is the uncertainty of what to do, or how to do it, coupled with the anxiety of social comparison when working out in a public facility. With Kat, your training experience is important, and being comfortable in your own skin is what matters. In addition to a personalized exercise program, clients have the comfort of training with Kat in a private exercise area where they will be free from the social stressors that come with training in a traditional gym. Kat's approach to fitness is not only goal oriented, but also people oriented. Clients will feel at ease when training, and have fun while doing so!